Seized "self locking" bolt on rear wheel axle?

Anyone ever have the "self locking" bolt on their rear wheel axle seize up? My YZ only has about 20hrs on it and as I went to adjust the chain, the bolt seized up and ruined my left side chain puller......

Needless to say, I have to cut off the wheel axle bolt now and this is ending up being a major pain in my ass.

Any aftermarket products out there that make the wheel axle and left side chain puller one piece?

Thanks for any input!

Not sure what YZ you have my 450 and 426 have bolts which push on axle blocks to adjust the chain.

Are you talking about the axle nut, or the lock nut on the chain adjuster bolt?

Are you talking about the axle nut, or the lock nut on the chain adjuster bolt?


It's the lock nut on the chain adjuster bolt, it's a YZ450. I'm thinking maybe I torqued it down to much and might have "tweaked" the locking bolt......

Irronically, the lock nut was almost off the axle bolt when it decided not to turn anymore. At that point, the entire bolt started to turn and bent my chain adjuster to hell on the left side.

With my KTM, the axle bolt and chain adjuster all all one piece on the left side of the swingarm. That makes it nice.

The correct way to use this type of chain adjuster is to first loosen the axle, the with two wrenches, turn both the nut AND the bolt counter clockwise to loosen them.

Once the chain is tensioned and the wheel aligned, with the axle still loose, tighten the lock nut to 10-12 ft/lb. Place a piece of wood between the chain and rear sprocket and roll the wheel back against it. This forces the axle forward against the adjusters. Tighten the axle.

Given that the bolt is damaged, I recommend replacing the bolt and nut. Use the good one on the drive side in the meantime.

Im running the bolt axle blocks(bolt is the company) the chain adjuster bolt and the block are one peice so all you have to do is turn one nut to move the block forward or back. Also, you dont have to grab your chain or wack you wheel forward when tightening the axle nut because the blocks hold the wheel in place.

Sounds like the big nut on the end of the rear wheel axle galled the threads and welded itself to the axle.

In frustration, big torque was applied to the nut, turning the whole axle, and since the opposite side of the axle has a head with a flat portion which interlocks with a flat portion on the left side axle block (AKA chain puller), and the axle block is held from turning by the slot in the swingarm, the turning axle tweaked the left side axle block.

Before you start loosening the big nut in the future, clean the exposed threads on the end of the axle completely, and use a squirt of thin oil like Bel-Ray 6-in-1.

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