Pirelli MT16 & MT44 First impressions!

Guys, I decided to give the Pirelli's a try this time around. For the front I put on a MT44 and man this tire was nothing short of greatness, I was so impressed on how the tire never washed out and always held the line, this coupled with a YZ tank and seat allowed me to almost sit on the gas cap to provide the best possible turning combo, Roseler says you can almost never sit too far forward and with this amazing front tire it allows you to do so, you can lay your bike farther down than you think. It won't let you down.

The MT16 was also fantastic.(rear) It's almost like it grabs too much but you get used to it real quick. I was equally impressed with this rear tire. The knobs really extend around the carcass and allow great turning. It's truly an odd feeling to just lay the bike over and gas it more than your used to, but man it feels great. Dan

Short of me going to the website what kind of terrain are those tires for?

Scott Summers swears by this tyre combo on his XR's for all terrain, so I figure good nuff for him, Good nuff for me :D . I used these tyres on my XR and now on my WR426. Any way the front (MT44) is a soft terrain tyre and the rear (MT16) is an intermediate tyre

Scooby :)

Thanks Dan, I am getting ready to replace my stock tires. You must have read my mind! How do they do in rock gardens, sand, loamy soil etc..?

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