Lost timing port plug

Rode my WR450 at Hollister Tuesday....when I was done I noticed my boot had oil splattle and my timing port plug was missing. Could have been gone 20 minutes??? or 2 hours??? Very dusty day and am afraid of the possible damage. Am planning on putting some engine degunking cleaner in and running before changing oil and filter. Any unknowns I'm headed for, or better ideas on how to save myself from disaster?

Also, any tricks or people to talk to to get 2004 WR450 plated or greenstickered as well?


I'd run a couple of short interval oil changes. To get a WR plated, move to Arizona. $100 mods and maybe $35 fees and you're good on and off road. Oh ya, maybe $120 year in street insurance. Since my sister moved, I won't even pass through Kalifornia any more.

Thanks...guy at Yamaha shop spooked me of the worst so thought I'd ask if there was any insight beyond the obvious (if it's still running it's not broke!). Anyhow, family and I are contimplating moving North rather than South, but along those lines....don't miss Kalifornia???? Tough transition job wise or anything? Danka.

Never lived in Kali, just visited. Az for 23 years, Alaska before that. May be moving back. Never been in Kali legal, Always armed.

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