PW80 suspention upgrade?

Is there a suspention upgrade for the pw80? My son is bottoming it out on jumps. Or should I just not let him jump the 80?

Smacaroni (or anyone else that has a picture or two!!), please may you post a picture or two of the position where to drill for the top rear shock mount.

I would love to get just a little more height for my daughter so that the bike doesn't quite feel so small.

Oh, yeah, I get absent minded sometimes.



The reason I drilled this in this position is so it could be drilled again above that point for a slightly lower seat height, if needed. I'm guessing most people just drill a new hole straight back. The left side of the photo is the front, the original hole is also towards the front. I forget what I size I used, either 5/16", 11/32" or 3/8". Stock size is 11mm, IIRC.

That is almost exactly where I drilled my daughters bike last night.

The worrying part was where you drill thru just the edge of two layers of material. I was worried the drill might skew off slightly and then not line up all the way true, but I got there quite easily in the end...

Thanks again for the pictures. The US$25 Extender + shipping to where I live is just not worth the costs.

A Jeep brake rotor gives the stand a perfect height to lean on - without it the bike almost topples on it's stand. (I'll get to extending the leg at another time.)

Amazing how much just 1" difference will make to a total picture and outcome!!

Obviously it's too late now, but I drilled the whole way through both sides with a 1/8" bit. Then, I moved up a size or two and drilled one side, then switched over to the other. This way if it does walk, it should walk in a nearly uniform pattern.

The stepped-steel won't affect the rigidity, since the single layer part is in the area of the least stress.

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