WB exhuast and radiator

i have a white bros e-series exhuast and noticed today the bottom of the radiator is touching the header pipe, after some messing about i managed to get a gap of maybe a milimeter or so,,,,is this normal?,, i know the header gets tad warm [ ive seen it glowing red ] im surprized it hasnt melted the aluminium actually,,,, anyone else had this ,, and is there a remedy, or shud i just tap a dent in the radiator bottom to improve clearance?

I would tap a dent in the pipe before I ever would the radiator. I would be affraid of the risk of restricting flow in the radiator.


i alos have a wb exhaust i have the tapered head pipe with the pro meg i have 1/2" clearance between the radiater mabey your sub frame is bent moving the header??

That seems a little too close. I have the WB header as well and there's plenty of space.

Double check the installation, or call WB for advice.

Are you running the WB tail section as well?

yep have a wb shorty pipe on,,,,

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