Oil Strainer

How offten are you cleaning the strainer? I just did my first oil change and could not get the bolt that removes the strainer to move. I did not want to break anything. Thank you

i havent even touched it.. it doesnt seem bad for it though because i think the oil comes from the strainer to the oil filter :)

I have a 2000 model and I just did mine for the first time and there was no shavings or sludge of any type in it, so I don't think it is that big of a deal. Also I had to use an impact wrench to get the nut loose.

I just took mine out after 4 oil changes, the holes in the screen are as big as chicken wire. I don't think I'll check it more than once a year from here on out!!!

i think its just there to catch the big pieces say if a tooth comes out so it doesnt do any damage to the rest of the motor that sounds mostly why they would put it there :):D

Thanks for the info. That's what the dealer said but I trust you guys more.

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