Kick starter locked after valve adjustment '98 YZ400F

But be careful with the bike at idle for extended periods of time, it is a race bike and is not meant to idle like that, that could be why it gets so hot and smokes and smells funny.

I think it was burning a little oil seepage that came out with the decomp lever, went down in a little cranny of the engine, and hid from me for a while. There was a little pooled up on the front side of the engine. I've since sopped it up better, and it doesn't burn/smoke anymore.

I think that a 52 is WAY too big on the pilot jet for that bike.

Yeah, I think there's probably still a leak somewhere in the carb... I think I want to rebuild it completely and see where that gets me after I feel it out on the dirt this weekend, of course. :excuseme: Esp. in regards to another person's comment on here that mentioned the o-ring on the slide.

The weather is around 65-70 F, humidity 50-60%, elevation 1200 ft. *shrug*

I finally got my WR400f to run perfectly by adding a newer FCR MX with adjustable leak jet and fuel screw. I should have done this long ago!

yes it fits but here are some links. It was a little short but it still works, the airbox boot should stretch. Just make sure to get matching throtlle with cables and hotstart cable and perch, i dont use hotstart.. i would avoid the wr carb. I used a kx450 carb. Consider jetting as well. Mine was ok but you may be different. Do this at your own risk but mine was ok.

Another thing, dont forget to plug the hole on the intake as well, the hotstart is in the newer carbs. I run with the tps disconnected as well but i ride on the street mostly. I hear it runs better with it connected in the dirt. I am sure you could find out more about the tps on here. Good Luck!

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