Lets play "Name this exhaust"

I bought my WR 426 without much knowledge of the upgraded parts.

What brand is this exhaust??


Cheers guys :smirk:

Has it got a brake caliper shaped ding underneath? If so, it's a stocker.

Given your location, I'd say "Staintune"?

Nah no dint.

The only indentifying thing it where the muffler joins on to the pipe. there is a pate that is welded and covers it.

You can see it in the picture.

I don't think its staintune. they normally have their brand stamped onto it. and from what i've seen, a rolled lip on the outlet bit.

im stumped on this one lol

can't find any pictures of anything like it.

Its all one piece, no rivets in it.

Pretty much every company has a logo on it somewhere. Check the top or the end cap; believing it's stock as well, maybe from a different bike? Yamaha stuff will have part numbers stamped in it.

I can't find a thing.

No numbers or brand logos.

Completely blank. I can't find any pictures of this one. I haven't seen a stock one like this either.

The side of the can has the mount for the rubber stopper that keeps the side plate from contacting the pipe and melting... thats an indication it's OEM.

Is it a spark arrestor, is it loud or quiet?

It's very loud.

Aren't spark arrestor optional? This is one piece. Even the end is part of it.

I haven't seen one like it.

Ask the guy you bought it from?

Can't get a hold of him :excuseme:

old owner said it was staintune, but doesn't look a thing like one.

any thoughts!

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