XR650R DP question

Hello All, new at this place.

Was wondering how the XR650R is on the open road. I have read some conflicting reports that it vibes too much, and some say its smooth. I used to have a XR600R that I converted to DP. The thing I did not like about it was 5th gear was too short for covering much distance on the road. And it did vibrate a bit.





The XR650R has plenty of legs for the open road. Cruising at 70 mph all day long is no problem, especially with 15/48 or taller gearing.

Dual Sport tires (DOT approved) will give you different levels of comfort depending on the road/dirt% design. A tire that is 80/20% will feel much better on the highway than a 20%/80% tire. A non DOT dirt tire may "bounce" excessively at speed.

I have been running a Michelin combo (Desert Front, BAJA rear), Dual Sport, DOT, probably 20/80% and while it handles OK on the road (no bounce) you feel the vibration.

I am trying the Tera-Flex rear tire (140/80-18 type 2) next (www.intercotire.com) and wonder how the harder compound is going to feel on the road?

I'm running 15/47 gearing with a D606 front and a Baja rear. One thing I found is you need to balance the wheels because of the rim locks, more so than other dual sport bikes with out them. You'll find the 650 has more balls than an XR600 so you can gear it up higher. My guess you could even go to a 15/44 and still pull hard. The BRP is a beast and is ment to ride fast. :)

I'm using 15/48 gearing on my 650R, and it's dual sported. Stock gearing is 14/48 and yes, it's buzzy over 65 with stock gearing. The 15/48 makes it cruise fairly smooth at 70mph. And there is still more than enough power available to rip your shorts off. (if it's uncorked/jetted).Also top speed will be increased some.

And by the way, the 650R vibrates LESS than the 600 did no matter what the speed.


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