Dear MR Amador,

I do agree with you, the WR is a great bike that in some cases can beat the XR. I do feel that I do know what the crap I am talking about however. When I was in the process of buying my new bike I did research on both the WR and the XR, I even rode both. I thought the WR was a great bike it had alot more torqe than the XR. But in the end I had to go with the reliability, and the better riding XR. I feel that the WR has not yet proven to be a reliable bike, and Honda's XR line has shown to be reliable through the years. In a few years it is very possible that I will buy a WR depending on the reveiws, as I said I was very impressed with it's responsiveness,but for now it's got to be the XR for me. We can go back and forth about our bike's for days and days but in the end it comes down to one thing we all have in common. We all love to ride and in the end it does'nt matter what bike we ride just as long as we keep riding.


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If this is how you feel, why post such a "flame" on this forum?

"I just had to let you all know that I spanked a 00 426 today on my 01 650R and I liked it alot. HAHAHAHA"

I spend must of my time reading all the good info on this sight and only posting if I can add something pertinent or helpful to other riders. Please save your rhetoric for an audience that gives a *#@%.

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I posted this "flame" on the YZF forum to get a rise out of the YZF crew. It was meant to be tooken in a humorous manner,I was not trying to hurt the YZF/WR riders feelings. You people take this sport too serious, lighten up and have some fun.

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