trailtech speedo !!!!`

How many guys have the trailtech speedo on, and if you do, what do think of them ?

[This message has been edited by Coop39 (edited 02-25-2001).]

[This message has been edited by Coop39 (edited 02-25-2001).]

Installed one on my 426 about 4 months ago. I made a mounting bracket out of about .065 aluminum. It mounts using the forward handle bar clamp bolts. I used velcro to attach the unit itself to the bracket, and as the unit can be removed from the pick up cable assembly, I can remove it from the bike when necessary. The unit works very well. Keeps track of riding time, riding distance, speed, avg speed, and lots of other stuff. Can't really look at it while riding (at least not while riding fast). While Doug Henry never had one on his bike, I have been very happy with the thing and would buy another one without hesitation.

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