Different offset on 2011 compared to 2010...

In Vital MX 2011 Yamaha test they claim that Yamaha changed the offset on the triple clamps from 25mm on 2010 to 22mm on 2011.

"So what is new? Well, they bumped the fuel tank capacity up 200cc, from 6.0 (1.585 gallons) to 6.2 liters (1.637 gallons). They also lengthened the clutch arm 6mm, from 36mm to 41mm, and boosted its cam shape to decrease the amount that the lever free place changes during a moto. Add in some white lower shrouds, and a 150mm longer silencer, and that's pretty much it. Oh...and if you really dig into the available info, you'll also find that they changed the fork offset from 25mm to 22mm to help cornering performance."

Hmmm ?:excuseme:

Or the clutch release arm. You pick.

Or the clutch release arm. You pick.

LOL yeah it is a big list of changes for sure. I back it in!!! 2010 = 22 offset.

Remember Doug Dubach 2010 at world vets with the first Applied Racing 20mm offsets, then MXA had their hands on the bike for a Test and were mentioning Dubachs opting for 20mm offset clamps over the stock 22's.

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