Steering Stabilizers...Scotts Vs GPR...anyone have much experience?

just picked up a new WR 450, in the process of doing the free mods and I do a fair bit of trak and desert riding. Looking to enter some regional desert races (previous race experience is limieted to XR650's the dark..long story). I have a scotts on my XR but it becomes a little difficult to adjust on the move. Have any of you had experience with teh GPR product? Any idea how they compare in terms of usablity and performance? my scotts works great but the 'high speed' adjuster is virtually uselss cause you can't touch it when you are out riding unless you pull over and get a screw driver out...thanks for the input :)

Go with the RTT. Its adjustable on the bar and on the stem.

Have you tried the large dial available from BRP ??? It works great :)

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