Suspension mods...anyone have good references?

Ok so the time has come to invest in some aftermarket suspension for the new toy. WR450 needs better legs and I'm surfing around and find many choices: precision concepts, race tech etc.

Any ideas how these stack up against each other on price and performance? I'm thining a revalve and some mid level tweaks to make the suspension worthy of desert racing and some fun on the motocross track (YZ will get the track specific mods though).

Thank you for your help in any experience you might have had with a good and afforable suspension shop.


I used Steve Ross Factory Connection 800-221-7560. :) Have used FC on 3 bikes (two RM250's and my WR450) and they always come through with a sweet setup for me. I'm 240 lbs., 47 yr old, and MX race with my WR450. :D

Check out the TT suspension forum... post a question there with some details and you will more than likely get a good response...



Thank you will do

juan :)

I am 5'11" and 200lbs without gear. I beefed up my fork springs to .47 and my shock spring to a 5.4 from factory connection. I revalved my forks with a delta valve from race tech, this eliminated bottoming on the motocross track but still allows for plushness on mountain trails. Good Luck

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