Oil Filter Changes for 426

I recently purchased a 2001 YZ426 and want to know how often I need to change the oil filter? Do I need to change it every time I change the oil? I believe White Brothers makes a steel one that is reusable. Anybody using this? Is it worth it? Thanks.

the filter in your bike is also made of metal and is suggested to last up to three oil changes. You can back-flush it and re-install, but use your best judgement. If after backflushing, you're not comfortable with the way it looks, change it out. Changing your oil often is good for this bike. If you race, after each race. If you just joy ride, after every couple hours of riding time. Opinions on exact intervals may vary on this, but I think all will agree that frequent oil changes are probably the most important thing you can do to the 4-stroke! As for the Stainless filter, do the math. It'll probably pay for itself in a month if you ride often. Stock filters are around $11.00 a piece. Scotts and Stroker also sell the SS filter. I think it's around $60-$70.

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When I bought my 426 the dealer gave me like 120 buck worth of free vouchers for supplies, equipment etc. I loaded up on yamalube and filters. The first several oil changes were so ugly that I did not really want to take the chance with reusing the filters etc. I think I changed the filter and oil four times in the first 12 hours of riding. Overboard probably but I do have piece of mind. Now I change it every 2-3 rides depending on how hard I rode and use judgement on the filter.

Sleak- I change my oil to an extreme too. I got lots of metal out of the filter the first 2-3 times I changed the oil but it slowed down after that. I've found I can get maybe 3-5 uses out of a filter by cleaning it, and it would last longer but the little rubber seals wear out especially if you race in high temps...

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