Hebo Hydraulic Clutch Photos

Hey Tom,

I dunno bout the Hebo clutch, but the Magura is easy bolt on.

Simply remove the old "crap" and replace with smooth hydraulic parts.

You will have to remove the spring that is attached to the lower lever and re-route Your decomp.wire.

Thats all!!!

No bleeding at all.

One warning! Do NOT pull the clutch untill all is in its place!!!!!

Simply follow the instructions and You will be done in about a half hour!!


The Hebo is about the same in terms of install....maybe a little longer, but not much. The thing is VERY smooth - one finger operation. It doesn't have the nice built in compression release like the Magura, but even off sale they are only $187 from www.erider.ws. These are cool! I recommend the juice man - pick your brand....

PK, I too would like to find a way to mount the slave cylinder to the bike, I thought about just a simple L bracket from the cylinder to the slave but I wouldnt want the heat from the motor to transfer to the slave, I dont even know if that should be a concern. I too just installed my new Hebo using Michaels photos, what a help he was. It took me 2 hours also, I guess I was a little leary about cutting the thing too short but all in all it mounted up no problem, I even disconnected the cable to route it through that guide on the head set without bleeding the system. If I were to have any gripes about the clutch it would be the lever itself, although the clutch can be engaged with one finger I like the feel of having a big smooth lever so I can grab it wherever I want, I guess I'll just have to get used to it. I rode 500 miles this weekend with the new clutch and I had absolutly no problems at all to speak of. Thanks Michael for the help and the recommendation. Dan

Thanks to Dan (glad to hear you are back up and running!) and all the rest for your kind words. In my mind this was a chance to offer something back - repay the members of this forum - for all the information you've all provided. I've already gotten more help than I could ever offer. This is just a good place to be! Thanks to all....


One question before I do, the Magura was mentioned as having the compression release lever built in... Does anyone know the cost difference between the two?

$167 buck seems like a cheap price to pay for smooth operation and no arm pump!!!

Tom N The prices I have heard for the Magura Hydro Clutch is between $249.00 t0 $289.00 I have a 2001 WR426 with standard Renthal Bars and had no problems mounting all parts bars. If Mike makes it riding we me this sunday I will have him take pictures and post next week. I have also replaced the hot start button with one mounted to Compression lever perch. Good Luck

We purchased two of the clutches for my friends and my Wr426f's. First off let me thank Michael for turning us on to these and Erider! Also thanks for the pics, they helped greatly. The first one took about 2 hours, the second about 30 minutes. Routed it a little different but the pics were AWESOME. I haven't tried it yet on the trail but the pull feels MUCH lighter then my pals KTM 380M/XC Hydraulic Clutch. Looking forward to trying it maybe this weekend.

Second, let me give acolades to kevin mccarty at Erider! He is what E-Commerce should be about. I bought the first clutch and then realized my buddy would kill me if I didn't let him on the deal. I saw on this board that Erider only had 3 left at the cheap price, so I ordered one for my pal. Turns out he had run out of stock, but he e-mailed me and told me he would get another one in within a few days and send it out right away at the sale price (btw at $189.00 it's still a steal, I saw it at another site for $280!). Well sure enough last Friday it appeared, so on Saturday we installed them.

Michael and Kevin you guys are great!

Thanks again


Here is the pic that Unkle Moose wanted to show.......


The bracket for the hot start is used to replace the "back strap" on the compression release. It is a very clean and clever (yes Kraig, you never stop amazing me!) install. I think I'm going to copy it :)

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