08 WR450 Chain Guard wearing swing arm

My chain guard is wearing a nice groove in the top of the swing arm. It's starting to get a bit deep. Is this normal? Chain tension is good but there is a lot of slap going on down under.

It's normal, but un-wanted. The button washers under the bolt heads need to be "squashed" more so that they are actually tighter while holding the chain slider. Remove the bolts and washers. Place the button washer in a vise while using the correct size socket to "squash" it a little more. It's very easy to do, and will keep the chain slider from wearing into the swingarm any farther. Maniac

OK. I bought this bike used. When I took the top hex bolt out that holds the plastic chain slider down there were no washers or anything under it. I will have to go look at the owners manual to see what washer you are talking about..."button washer".

The groove is like a 1/2 mm deep on the top of the swingarm. I guess it won't hurt anything but I need to keep it from getting worse.

OK. Checked out the manual. I have the correct bolts for the 08 WR. There are no washers for that year.

I cleaned the swingarm and cut some heavy-duty velcro strips and stuck them to the swingarm under the slider (fuzzy side of velcro). It's really really quiet now. I really can't hear any chain slap. We'll see how long it lasts. The velco is really thick - industrial strength stuff.

cut out a piece of rubber about 5-8mm thick and stick it under the chain guard. silicone it all up to the guard and to the swingarm. this will stop movement and the 5-8mm piece of rubber will stop chain slap.

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