Carb. vs FI: MPG - how far will they take you?

Just wondering how fuel efficiency (mpg) is for carb. vs FI.

Any of you guys (and girls) had the chance to compare a similar bike with carb vs FI (same power output / same displacement / same type of riding...)

The new style enduro's (that is FI enduro's) seem to pack smaller gastanks, will they still be able to go the same distance as the carbed ones?

eg: Yamaha WR 8L (carb.), Yamaha YZ 6L (FI - the new WR?!)

Kawa 8L (carb.), Suz 6.2L (FI)

KTM 9L (carb.), Husa 8.5L (FI) ??

A perfectly jetted carb and a bike with properly set up FI will get the same MPG. A perfectly jetted carb compared to a poorly set up FI bike will get better MPG.... and Vice versa.

Most likely reason the FI bikes have less capacity is because of the fuel pump/ regulator and other FI plumbing contained within the tank, taking away capacity.

Yep. I'm carrying the same amount of gas in the backpack. :excuseme:

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