Hurricane Graphics

Have any of you put on a One Industries Hurricane kit? How does the gas tank look, Can you still see a lot of blue or is pretty well covered? Thanks for any info.


Just put the hurricane kit on and it is TIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

Go with the black bak fender awesome!!!

I have a Natural colored gas tank and it lookd way better than i thought.

Black fork gaurds and black disc gaurd


the only thing was that everyone asked me how i liked the "DR" ???????

I laughed and asked if this .........sounds like a DR???????? vvrrroommm vrrooom..LOL

I did strip it down a lot to paint the frame black and taped everything off .

This made the whole kit even that much better looking.



ride BLUE

I often wonder how many unknowing dirt bike people think I'm riding a DR or a Suzuki of some sort. I'll bet a lot of peple have seen the bike on the trailer and just thought Suzuki. I also have had people tell me at the track that I have the fastest DR they have ever seen. I'm also amazed at how many people approach me just to compliment me on my bikes looks.


I never thought about going with the black offset plastics, I can imagine that it looks SICK, Please don't tell me that you have the Black rims too!! I'll be really jealous!!!!



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Thanks for the Info guys! Hey G4! Where did you get the natural colored gas tank?????? Is it the stock size? Is that your bike in the picture section? cause if looks like it has a natural colored tank. That bike is sicker than sick!!


This Saturday I was driving down the freeway (I15 South) when I saw this white jeep pulling a trailer with a killer looking YZ400 with the Hurricane graphics on it. It didn't occur to me at the time, but later I got to thinking, you had mentioned that you drive a jeep, have a YZ400, and it has the Hurricane graphics with a blue frame. Could this be you?

I was in a black toyota with a 2000 Kawasaki 250 and my YZ400.

Anyways, if that was you, I just wanted to let you know your bike looks sweet!! I didn't even realize that the stickers were mounted on the original blue plastic. I thought you had changed out all the plastic.

We were coming back from a killer place in Bonsall that is way closer to San Diego than going all the way to Temecula. We'll have to go sometime.



I have the full kit on my bike (99'yz400) and love it. I didn't paint the frame because of lack of time but I planned on doing it in the future. I don't think I will now though cause the yellow and blue has grown on me. As for the tank coverage, it's decent. With mine I found that if I put the decals on so that it covered most of the blue on top around the cap it would leave about 3/8" blue strip right above the radiator shrouds. I didn't like that so I put them a little lower and left the blue strip on top. In my honest opinion they look fine but One Industries could have tried to cover a little more of the blue. On the left side of the tank sort of above and in front of the shroud there is a blue square that also isn't covered but they convienently supply a little One Industries sticker that covers it perfectly and just looks like a sponsor sticker or something.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

Flyin Blue

What a small world!! Yeah that was me, I rmember you guys cause I passed you on every downhill and then you guys passed me on every uphill. I was heading home from Comp Park. If I remember right it looked like your YZ had a flat rear tire. Where do you normally ride at? I try to get out at least one day every weekend. I mostly go to Elsinore if I can just ride for the day but if I got the whole weekend I'll head out to Ocotillo. I'm actually planning on going out to Superstition this next weekend. Email me sometime and let me know when your going out. I'm always looking for people to ride with.



When in doubt, GAS IT!

I have the hurricane kit and love it the only thing is the graphics on the tank turned yellow where it was white. Has anyone else had this problem.


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