YZ -2- WR (Mods / differences) & DS advice.

I Just picked up a 1999 YZ400F Yesterday, I wished it was a WR but I couldn't refuse the price. Near mint with NEW Renthal Bars, Chain & Sprockets, plastic, tires, & suspension mods for $1800 (Originally $2800 in Mar). Now I'm looking to bring it into the ranks of a good VA tight woods Scrambles D/S beast. Any advice on where to look for YZ -2- WR (Mods / differences). I'm also looking to do a D/S kit but all seem to run about $900 for the YZ.

maybe a light kit or a ds kit but that things going to rip already or maybe a little heavier flywheel weight and a new pipe will make it rip... and 900 is a normal price for the yz because it needs a new stator etc (just think of it as you bought a dual sport yz for 2700 :D) if you really get into it maybe a 18 inch rear wheel.. have fun with your new ride :D:)

I'm running a 19" rear wheel off of a YZ on mine and don't really notice much difference, especially at low speed. I notice a little less give when you are moving and hitting rocks and roots fast but other than that I think it's fine.

I just changed to YZ timing and it is much more fun than the WR timing. I'd try one tooth smaller front sprocket before I'd go back to WR timing. You should be able to get on Motoman393's site and find the mods you want.

Thanks guys, I can't wait to get some Hrs in on the bike and some learning about the wealth of info that seems to be here on the TT site. Can't wait to employ some of the mentioned trail mods. I'll go check out the motoman site too. I'm stoked. My XR was a goat but a very S L O W Goat. :):D :D :D Thanks.

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