should I trade my 10 for a 11??

I have around 60 hours on my 10 yz450. I have put it down hard on both sides and both rad's are a little squished. I have been reading posts about the gears, and I have been no clutch shifting the crap out of this thing. I would like a white one and mine is blue. I belive trade-in on mine would net me about 4,500 and a new white one is 7,200 from a local shop. I know there are not many changes (color/clutch arm) for 11, but I also dont want to put a bunch of money in mine and it not be worth any more than what it already is.

It sounds like you can afford it, and it sounds like you already have your mind made up to get an 11, but may have a little pre-buyer's hesitation. I've been in your shoes; maybe you're looking for a little push from strangers on a forum to turn your slow walk to the dealer into a full sprint.

You ride often. You ride hard. Get the 11.

Go on! Get the US economy rolling again :excuseme:

But... for $3k I could do ALOT of stuff to my 10, including 11 plastics/grafics fx wheels pipe and piston/rings!

But... even with all that it will not be a "NEW" bike.

get the 11 :excuseme:

Personally, I would just buy new plastic, graphics, and throw a piston in it and save around $2400. If you have taken care of the rest of the bike then it shouldn't be too worn out at 60 hours.

Go for the 11. You beat the hell out of it and think about this. You could put 3 grand in and it may be like an 11 however when you go to sell the bike you will get much less

..all my frieds are going to change the gears ( 2end),if u do it on your own, keep the '10-if not buy a '11

u know when a bike with 60h (racing?)on gets opend to change the 2end gear, it will not be the only thing to be changed.

If you are doing those hours each year and have the money to go new each time, get the 11, its all fresh and new, good to go. That is how I roll, not keen for rebuilds.

As far as expecting anything new and exciting while out on the track you wont get that, same same there.

The 4500 change over sounds steep, Sell yours private and buy 11 no trade then get some goodies with the saving.

If you can....go for the -11 ! :excuseme:

Yamaha has probabaly done updates on weak links that they don´t tell about.:smirk: only my guess though....

no they did not, save your money freshen up the old bike an ride , wow they have bng , a longer or diffrent clutch arm an some other small change. an why do you worry about the clutch when shiftin ? in my 20 yr of riding i only use it for corners an the start , all other times i just power shift. i ve never had a tranny take a dump on me

I always use the clutch. Isn't that how things work?! lol

can the 2011 clutch arm be put on the 2010, or is there more to it?

i m gonna order one an try it .

then i ll have a 2010.1/2

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