Anyone from the S.F. Bay Area??

Anybody out there from the bay area? I'm always looking for new people to ride with! Most of my ridding buddies are flakes!!

I'm in San Jose. Ride Hollister and Club Moto and sometimes Parrie City....when my leg is not broke.

Close enough?

Hey!! I live in Livermore and I'm a volunteer

ranger at Carnegie (for whatever that is worth) and I usually ride at Carnegie, Club Moto or the new track in the Altamount, just a 100yds down from the Altamount speedway. But I really like in the Sierras, Forest Hill,Twain Hart, Pi Pi Valley (sp).

Drop me an email and we can try to hook up.

As a matter of fact I might try to go to

Prairie City this weekend, I have some friends that want to ride there Sat., or Sun.

Hey i live in livermore. I go to carnagie after school sometimes. I also go up the the high mountians with my club that meet at the round table in dublin by the world of shoes the first tuesday of every month. You should check it out one day. Here is an address http:\\\vtr

I live in Lake County, surrounded by awsome riding in every direction.


Where is Lake County? What are the rides like?


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