WR 08 ProTaper handlebar Spec ?

Hi all,

I am after a set original wr 08 Pro Taper (5xc2611-lo) Yamaha part no, (5xc-lo) printed on the bars. I have a 06 WR but love the feel of the bars on my friends 08 model. I know i will need the conversion kit and that will lift the bars slightly, but being 6ft2" i could do with the bars being lifted anyway.

Apparently the bars on the 08 model are only available from the manurfacturer as, Yamaha own the bend set? I have priced from Yam and they are not cheap so will not be getting them needless to say :excuseme:

I was wondering if any of your know what the same bend set is for the Pro Taper bar, i have read YZ-low ? Or if Renthal do the same bend set :smirk:

Any help welcome :lol:

just did that to my 06 wr... these are a set of oe wr bars i bought off ebay with a set of protaper mounts on the stock wr top clamp.. the bolts are a little long, so i had to put one extra washer on them...

i never found the bend on the oe bars either..


Thanks Mate,

So it's over to ebay to look out for a set..With regards to the mounts do you happen to know the part number, i like the look of them :excuseme:



Many thanks, just need to find some bars now !

Anyone else know what bars, are the same spec as the oem standard 08 Yam Pro Tapers? Maybe a Renthal equivalent....

Suggestions please :excuseme:

I normally run only Renthal Fat Bars in the CR HI bend but the stock WR pro tapers measured almost exactly the same so I left them on the bike and have no complaints whatsoever.. I can't remember what was different but they were real similar.

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