Why I respect Dave J

A PM to me (edited) yesterday:


There is nothing that could have been wrong with the suspension that would have been your fault. You're obviously a smart enough guy to not install the wheel backwards or fail at doing some basic set-ups.

Now...there could have been some weird issue with the fork binding, such as a soft or bent tube, but even in that situation I'm the suspension guy and I should either test for it, or know what to look for.

I will admit, however, that the 98 to 04 WRs had some serious problems with the triple clamps binding the fork legs. I'm sure we had that conversation.

Now...in reviewing the service record, I didn't see anything in there to indicate anything about excessive pre-load. However, the pre-load setting on the earlier open bath forks was too much...from the factory. Always has been and I now know well enough to resolve this when working on these bikes.

Additionally, we had the added factor of a fork that was a radical departure from what we received. Springs, bushings, valving, fluid...everything was changed and you often don't get away with making radical changes like that without having to go back at some point and recalibrate things. Big changes always require some level of follow-up, with any sort of technology.

By the way, on the newer 48mm WR open bath forks they (KYB-Yamaha) fixed the pre-load issue. In fact, they went too far and the fork springs are now too sloppy and often require some form of an adjustment.

Now...we had another issue.

Although I don't have a record of it, I think we had a situation where I had your suspension for way too long. I'm not exactly sure but I think this may have been around a time when I was dealing with some hand injuries and had some bad reactions to pain medications that lasted well after the initial injury.

That has since been resolved.

With that, we are clearly on a mission to design and deliver the best suspensions in the world. That has been my goal all along. We don’t always hit the mark, and sometimes more conventional designs have their place, but overall, we are clearly on a path to revolutionize this industry and I certainly am not going to let the industry of "shim shifting" at $800 a bike to prevail much longer.

My point is….I completely understand your hesitancy on sending back the suspension for fear that I would hold it hostage for an extended period of time. Additionally, I would really hate to see you go elsewhere and end up with something that is just another shim-only-tune when there is clearly much more to be had here.

With that, I’ll offer a full suspension package, with shipping, at no cost. Back to you in 5 days or less. If you’re not comfortable with that and feel it best to keep a suspension tuner close by, then I’ll cover the cost of springs and seals and such. If that doesn’t work for some reason then I would like to offer a $300 credit towards any Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki/Kawasaki part(s) or any tires.

You never made the wrong the decision, it was just a matter of circumstance.

Dave Johnson

SMART Performance



Pretty amazing level of Character, don't you think?

I will certainly take him up on his offer, but I will pay for the springs and parts and such.

awesome... when i sent my suspension to grayracer to do the smartsuspension upgrade... i was a bit nervous, to say the least... in talking to him since that time,

i am not nervous at all... my wr is a changed bike, best money i have ever spent

on a motorcycle.. the stories i have heard of dave and his customer service are

very impressive... he does things the way most people only dream of...

way to go dave...


Now that is how you run a business. You make a mistake, you bend of backwards to make things right. You make the customer feel fortunate you messed up.

While I haven't gotten my suspension work-up yet from Dave, one thing I appreciate is that he teaches you how to understand the suspension and do the adjustments yourself.

Educating the consumer is an important customer service product often overlooked.

Just as I had decided to wait until Spring to spend some money with Dave, I see this......Talk about making a difficult to reach itch even "itchier":smirk:

i delt with dave several months back revalving my wr and then my friends kx250f. super great guy to deal with. answered every phone call, even after normal working hours. you can't find a better guy to work with and hold your hand. jlow

i delt with dave several months back revalving my wr and then my friends kx250f. super great guy to deal with. answered every phone call, even after normal working hours. you can't find a better guy to work with and hold your hand. jlow

I sent Dave an email on a Sunday when I was working on my suspension. I didn't expect to hear back untill at least the next day. Had an email (with pics) and a phone call within an hour :excuseme:

Absolutely awesome! I have only got a setup for one bike from Dave, but if I decided to do other bikes Dave will be the only call I need to make.

Thats awesome customer service. Next time I need suspension work, I will go to Dave.

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