Brandons Man Boobs have to go!!

If Brandon dosent soon remove his "Man Boobs" from his avatar, then I will soon be forced to retalliate by posting this pic in my avatar!!!


You'll get the horns! (so to speak) :D :D


I dare you to. puke.gif

Then I guess I really would be "The MilkMan"! :):D :D :D :D

OH MY GOD that is disturbing. I totally dare you to put that as your avtar. It wont last 30min before you are restricted. :)

I take back what I said to you and have to warn you about retaining your membership....if you post that pic again :)


dude those are fake !! those are baby pacifier bottle sucker things off those baby bottles... did you use superglue :D :D :)

I think I'm gonna be sick! :) Ok, I vote that the boobs should go! :D

I remember my 5th grade Weekly Reader (kid's magazine) warning us that "boys who smoke marijuana often grow breasts...." :D

How stoned you guys been for your whole life?!!! :D:D

After seeing these, I am thankful to be a leg man!!! :D

Oh no! :) PLEASE!!! Don't show me your legs :D , I am too old to deal with permanent sexual disfunction :D :D

Whoa! Man, that is one rude pic. I think I'd rather go play with that rattler than look at those things.

AAAAWWWWW man how'd you find my avatar. :)

Guys that do steroids get those things. 2 juicers at my gym had to have theirs cut opened and drained.

They caught the guy selling the stuff and it turned out he was selling sheep steroids.


That's dirty......

I think I'm gonna be sick................... :):D :D :D

Whats the deal? No reply from Brandon?

:):D :D :D

I think he finally may be considering losing his pic. This one might have pushed him over the edge.

And you guys will have me to thank for it. :D

Thank you.......

:D :D :usa::D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D ;):usa::):D

No more man boobs!!! No more man boobs!!!

STOP!!!!!!!!!!! :):D :D

index_12-over.jpgI like these mo-betta


I think Dan is onto something here. :):D

Okay now I like where this is going. :):D

Looks like I got caught bringing a knife to a gun fight!

Darin, you have proudly stooped to my disgusting level!


(There is a great, silly story behind my avatar, and I think I have to run with it...)

Anybody know a way that we can animate it so that they jiggle, maybe each breast in opposite circles?


You clowns are off the hook! I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable now and gotta go..... :)

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