Natural colored tanks

I was looking at buying an after market tank. Either from IMS or one of the other brands. I like they way the natural color tank looks. I'm curiouse if any of you guys have had any problems with the tank dicoloring from the gass.

I can remember on my old YZ490 the tank dicolored and my old IT 200.I figured they dicolored because of the premix. I'm hoping that the newer tanks will not.

Or if there is a way to keep them from discoloring?

Do you guys notice the extra weight and size of the tanks when riding?

Thanks, Ryan


I just put on a new 3.3 gallon IMS tank on my bike today. It is the Yamaha blue so I can't address your question about discolorization, but as far as the size goes, I am absolutely amazed at how slender it feels. If I was blindfolded I think I would have a tough time knowing it wasn't the stock tank. I am going to fill it up tomorrow and do some trail blazing, so I'll let you know if the weight is noticable.

Oh yeah, the bike looks SO tough with the bigger tank!!!



I have had a ims clear on my kx for 2 years with no discoloration and also an IMS on my 400 for 6 months with no problems either.


i've had a clarke 'opaque' for the last 6 months & it's fine. i've not heard one complaint about the clarke.

while i'm here would you mail me with your VTC results.



I have an IMS opaque, it is uglier than heck after about a year of use. I’ve taken to draining the gas out of it during the week, and I replaced the graphics which helped, but every opaque tank I’ve ever seen ended up brown. W/out the premix the color is rustier but just as noticeable. If someone would make a bigger graphic, with NO WHITE IN IT, I would be happier. The white areas of the graphics will get brown pretty quickly, somehow I think the opaque tanks are more porous than colored ones.

It may weigh more but this isn’t noticeable, the extra weight with it full definitely is however, I only top it off if I’m going to need it. I’ve never seen a Clark tank up close, I hear they are good tanks but their customer service is supposedly awful. IMO the Acerbis and the IMS represent a trade off. The Acerbis is a bit slimmer but taller and more in your lap. The IMS is a little wider, you will notice your shrouds bowed out a bit more, but it isn’t in your lap like the Acerbis (but still a bit more so than stocker). The IMS has the petcock on the right side, I actually prefer this because it leaves room to put an in-line fuel filter to keep grunge out of your accelerator pump (I use a Russel aluminum, solid element filter).

Finally, the oversize tanks will hinder the airflow to your radiators a little, but I never noticed any extra overheating problems. All in all I’m not disappointed and would buy another IMS opaque tank.

A few of us run a 2.5 hr HS races here and we have tried alot of ways to get the extra gallon needed. My friend has a Maier front number plate auxilary tank on his YZ250F and he likes it alot. Some say they can feel the extra weight in the steering, but it is the first thing to drain. He says he doesn't notice any sterring effect. Maier includes hose clamps to mount it but they are too small for the YZ fork tubes, so you must get your own. There is a little fiddling involved with this setup to not get leaks.

On my 99 YZ 400 I had a Aloop auxilary rear number plate tank which was nice because there was no effect on riding position. It eventually broke the subframe rear seat bolt where it attached to the bike during this seasons first hare scrambles and caused me to DNF. I had to re-weld and reinforce the sub frame. I sold the 400 and decided to switch to the Ty Davis Low boy tank in blue with my 426. (I did not think the new 426 aluminum subframe would take the stress from the Aloop tank any better). You cannot tell the difference between the lowboy and stock when you sit on the bike. All the weight is carried low too. I like the tank alot. Downsides: It does block access to the choke, and you need to install the remote hotstart (worth it anyway). There is a post a few months back, someone else did not like this tank at all, saying it fit poorly and flexed around too much. I was also bummed that when I got my WR250F, I found that the kickstarter would not fit in the recess in the tank, despite everything else fitting well.

Once I bought a Clarke MX tank for my 96 WR250. It was winter and I changed the tank but did not ride because of snow. When I did ride a couple of months later the tank spilled gas in buckets out my gas cap seal. There was a huge molding void flaw on the top of the gas cap seal, it stood no chance of sealing. I cant believe I did not notice it when I got it, but I didn't. I sent the tank back with a note pointing out the flaw. I suggested (nicely) that they might test the petcock and cap seal before they send tanks out (wouldn't take long and sure would prevent hassles on both ends). They sent the tank back, saying no returns after 30 days for any reason. They were such jerks I will never buy from them again. I eventually got a new tank after a really nasty letter to the president of the company.

I decided to go with a 3.3 gal IMS for the WR and it was flawed at the petcock! Leaked like crazy. But IMS was great about getting me a replacement. I still can't understand why tanks arent 100 tested for leaks by installing a petcock and gas cap and filling with water.

Oh-another thing. Don't even think about slapping a new tank on the bike when you get it. They don't clean them and they are full of plastic shavings from drilling the petcock holes. Rinse them out well before installing.

Thanks guys for all your input on the after market tanks.


If your reguarding about, the progress on my bike. I'm still waiting for the needle I orderded last week. I have not been able to ride sence the last time I had spoken to you. So my bike is just sitting there waiting.

Have you thought of reason, why my jetting has changed so much in the mid area? You don't think it has anything to do with the aftermarket exhaust? I'm open to anymore info you can give.




variable timing camwheels

no i don't have anymore idea's. i get more idea's when i get more feedback.



what kind of information can I give you. is there something, specific. I want to try and make sure we are at the same point.

I had put on the cam wheel and adjusted them to 108atdc and 110btdc

I tried my best to follow your description on how to do it. I alsorepeated my step over and over again.

Put the bike back together and it started up on the 2nd kick. ran good but lean in mid throttle. the plug was white. let me know what other info you want and I will let you know.


Save yourself the extra $$$ and go with the Clarke tank.

it is narrower and i don' know if they have changed the IMS but the petcock was on the right side mounted backwards so you have to reach all the way underneath to shut the fuel off. DUMB

Clark seems to have a lower center of gravity also.

bottom line is the clark is $149 and the IMS is $189-$209

I have had no problems with my clarke natural and i have had it for 2 yrs.


The best tank that I have ever owned is a zip-ty racing tank. I had one on my yz 250 for two years and it never discolored. Ty designs them his self and IMS makes them to his specs. They are very slender and unnoticeable when riding.

Wow... You newbies just posted in a 5 year old thread! :bonk:

I guess I'm no better though as i just did it too... :applause:

Has anyone bought the Clarke stock tank in yellow for a yzf yet. Going with the Hurricane Kit and don't want to mess with the blue showing after installing the graphics.

Has anyone tried the carbon fiber tank covers??????

Has anyone bought the Clarke stock tank in yellow for a yzf yet. Going with the Hurricane Kit and don't want to mess with the blue showing after installing the graphics.

Has anyone tried the carbon fiber tank covers??????

Take the black tank, you can use it with any color kits.

Wow... You newbies just posted in a 5 year old thread! :cry:

I guess I'm no better though as i just did it too... :applause:

Me too, but at least the newbs know how to use the search :bonk::cry:

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