Repacking the bearings

Just wondering when you guys grease the steering bearings and the swingarm. I have done about a thousand kms in about two months and I think it is due for it. I will do the swingarm tonight, but will leave the steering for later.

Thanks Rick for the tips for the steering on your FAQ :) Does anyone have any for the swingarm?

Thanks in advance,



Does anyone have any for the swingarm?

if at all possible, grow a 3rd or 4th arm! :)

they would come in use VERY quickly.

the only way to clean the bearings in the swingarm and NOT remove them is LOTS of carb cleaner (using the little tube).

put the shaft on a wire wheel brush before putting it back in with a light film of grease on it. they tend to rust.

I haven't done the linkage yet on my 250f but on my gas gas and kdx I used to start with diesel or varsol and a toothbrush then finish cleaning them with brake cleaner.

for me, the trail rider (mostly dry riding),

- steering head, every 6 months.

- swingarm/linkage, every year.

for the steering head, click here for my writeup.

for the linkage process, click here for my writeup.

also see the "cheese" discussion here.

there are some good tips here.

and finally check out this

sad saga and

this follow-up story.

Hmm after looking at the Sad Saga post I have some questions.

Is that linkage you are having for dinner? And whats in that tub of dipping sauce?

:D Thanks for all the info :)


'03 wr250f, yz pipe, devol armor, pro taper ac3 bars, acerbis rally pro handguards

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