Ti Intake Valve ?

Just did my first valve adjustment on my o7 450. The center intake valve was tight, the rest ok. My ? is about the Ti valve itself.

My last bike was a Crf450, when I had a tight valve it wasn't worth adj..The hardened coating on the valve was gone and if adj would only last one ride. I have had soooo much better valve train life with the YZ. So, will the valve I adjusted last or is it time for new valves?

Only getting 70 hrs on the Crf450 Ti intake valves, glad those days are over!

its a yamaha, dont worry about it :excuseme:

You'll know when you check it again in 4-5 more hours. If it's still where you set it, it's OK. If it's already moved tighter, not.

How tight was it?

Zero clearance!

That doesn't sound good. Usually any time the valve moves more than 0.5mm, it spells trouble.

Hopefully ride tomorrow, should be a good test for my questionable valve (???).

Older & YZer, Love that!!!

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