Crappy Starter

Iwas was up above Red River NM. the other day and got off my bike to help someone else and when I got on my bike and hit the starter button the starter locked in gear and wouldnt disengage. It also wouldnt turn it over fast enough to start and disengage and when I tried the kick starter the electric starter was still engaged and it made it hard to kick it fast enough to start. So I pointed it down the mountain and with the tranny in gear started popping the clutch and after a few tries it started and the starter disengaged. My starter has always made cluncking noises and I just thought it was normal with the particular starter gear to flywheel linkup they used. Well it looks like all that clunking is wearing something out. I wish Yamaha had left this starter off and charged me 5 or 6 hundred dollars less and saved a few pounds on this otherwise marvelous bike. Does anyone have a connection for a plug to eliminate the starter and can you just disconnect the battery and pull it out without messing up any other electrical parts? This bike is 6 months old so out of warranty. Good thing is it has over a thousand hard miles and no flywheel problems. Had fix done at around 300 miles. Frame # is in the mid 800s. Bike is a keeper besides crappy starter. Tim

1. charge the battery up and see what happens i did this and i pushed the electric start once and it fire right up like 1 second

2. take off the cover to the start motor gears (on the left side of the bike) and make sure the teeth on the gears are good) IMO i think it is the starter gear if your hearing a clunking.. then if your hearing a clicking noise.. that means hte battery doesnt have enough power to turn the motor over :)

Its not the battery. Its plenty hot. The only time it clunks it seems is when the motor tries to cough backwards. Ive heard other 450s do it. Is this an actual backfire due to timing being a little advanced. Ive heard some people say that richening up the pilot circuit would stop this coughing or backfiring or whatever it is. This is also when a lot of bikes have sheared there keys I think. I have already stuck in a richer pilot jet and I just got a richer starter jet in from my crappy dealer (took a month to get it). How does richening thingsup on the pilot circuit help it to not backfire when starting it up. Yeah I am sure my gears are worn from all that clunking and I know they wont hold up under that forever. Actually I have heard the starter is made by the same subcontractor that makes Suzuki DR starters amoung others and makes good starters but it is the engeeniering that Yamaha used linking the starter to the flywheel that is the problem. No Bendix or something. Even saw one post that claimed the starter was designed to stay engaged all the time but I doubt that one too. Have also heard of changes in the works on the starter gears. Wonder if they will be able to retro on us first year buyers. Tim

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