desperate about clutch basket breaking 3 times!

sorry to post this problem on four stroke

forum but im having a lot of trouble with two

yz 125 year 2000 the problem is that they are

breaking the clutch baskets well 3 in 4 months i dont know what the problem may be

i sent it to the yamaha dealer but they say

the bearings are okey and the crank is straight but theres no way the two bikes are

with the same problem i bought the bikes knew

for my brothers if someone can help me ill

be very very happy i need help really!

the bikes are 9 months old and ridden by novices on weekend.

buy the hinson basket i know it's pricey but it will fix your problem

Sorry to hear of your mechanical woes. I agree with yzf. For what you've probably paid to have the two bikes fixed, you could have set the bikes up initially with Hinson baskets, inner hubs and pressure plates. If they break those parts, then I'd start looking at their riding style. For info on the hinson stuff, go to

hope this helps. If you call them, they are very helpful in answering questions and can answer many more questions about the clutch than most of us.

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