which yz for me?


been riding for 10 years, although, just recently moved into motocross.

im 6,2', 83kg.

what would be a better bike to gain form, confidence and general smoothness on?

a yz 450? or a yz250 two stroke?


Yz250, the 2 strokes have made me a way better rider.

Although the 450 would be easier to ride... but that's a lot of power at 165lbs!

Go with the 250!

I would recommend the YZ450F FOR SURE

I ride both a CR250R and a YZ400F. Both are great rides and both are quite different rides.

The 2T requires a completley different style of riding to the 4T, really you cannot compare the two.

If you want a fun point and squirt sort of ride go with the 2T, if you want a smooth endurance ride go with the 4T.

I had an 03 YZ250 2T for a couple of years before my current 07 YZ450F. I'm an inch taller than you and 185 lbs. I found the 250 to be too small for me, at least stock. I never spent the money for a taller seat, bars, lowered pegs, etc. The 450 fits me better although I think the Yamahas are on the smaller side compared to some other bikes. The 450 fits me pretty well and its stock. The 250 handled much quicker than the 450. More fun to ride I think. However, at my age (50) I prefer the power of the 450. Its a trade off depending on your ability and the type of riding you do. Both are great bikes.

i have and ride 2009 yz250 (smoker) and 2010 yz450f. I only ride on tracks practice or racing. the are both very different rides, i would say that my smoker is more fun to ride because it reminds me of riding a dirt bike like when i was young. You can scream out the gears and just have fun. my 450 is still the only four stroke i have had. for racing i would highly recommend this bike. it is 20lbs heavier but just feels lighter and corners much easier. it is also easier to use on a more technical supercross style tracks because when you want power out of a turn and right into a jump you dont have to worry about being on the clutch. If you are just looking for fun and to moto with your friend and not spend a lot on maintenance i would recommend the 250 smoker.

83kg is about 183 pounds. Your weight is "good" for both bikes so it's not like you weight 230 and are seeking a YZ125.

Like others have stated it depends on your riding style and local terrain.

On a 4stroke I am the fastest coolest rider who can do no wrong.....for about 15 minutes. Then I get tired and can ride it pretty lazy.

The 250 two stroke requires me to be a momentum seeking fiend and have my left hand and foot ready to work.

Both if you can.

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