my 2010 sucks!!

haha j/k this thing is awesome, one thing that does suck though is the seat, might as well sit on a 2x6:cheers::excuseme::cheers:

I put the step kit from FX on it. Cost around 20 bucks. Love the thing.

One thing I did notice when breaking mine in was that my ass burns up sittin on that thing in street clothes.

I guess it's a personal preference thing. The firm seat is one of the things I really like about the bike. On my CRF's I used to replace the seats as they started to soften. I rode a friends new 11 KX450F and couldn't stand sinking into that soft seat. At least for MX use, I feel like a really firm seat gives me the most consistent body positioning in corners and makes it easier to transition from sitting to standing.

The material that's used for the seat is great, keeps your ass on the bike quite a bit better than my previous 05 yz250.

Me too the seat is great. I don't notice any heat either :excuseme:

I like how firm the seat is but i tend to slide around quite a bit especially when seat bouncing jumps. Anybody try the new pleated seat cover by flu designs?

Me too the seat is great. I don't notice any heat either :excuseme:

I was in shorts

I was in shorts

Going commando? :excuseme:

My 03 kx125 I used to ride has the softest seat in the world. I feel like im sitting on a cloud while riding it. Then when I bought my 450 the seat was so damn hard I wasn't sure if I liked it or not. After the first ride though I loved it! I do slide a lot on it though and want to look into adding a step.

I found every MX bike seat was always hard, and all the trail bikes like the KDX for example had lovely soft you could fall asleep on seats.

Back when I started riding, the seat was part of the rear suspension, which was a good thing, since the shocks only provided 3-4" or wheel travel.

Going commando? :smirk:

Always in the summer. Its Florida. :excuseme:

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