06 CDI in an 09

What is the advantage of running a cdi unit from a 06 450f in an 09 450f? I have seen where people buy them on ebay for there 08s and 09s. What does the cdi do different?

Some people don't like the low rpm power, I am one of them. The 06 cdi changes the ignition timing on the low rpms and gives it more power down low. Yamahas theory is it makes it easier to ride without tiring you out and they also say it is just a smoother poerband.

I did the same with my '09, I wanted more bottom/mid power (and I got it). I also put a full exhaust system on, a Boyesen accel. pump cover, and a std. '06 needle jet in the carb - went 1 size bigger on the main as well.

Add the 06 cams and get a bigger gain.

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