Devol Radiator guards question

Put on the guards Sat to prepare for the next days race at Canyon and of course they did not fit properly!! ugh!!!

The guard itself is fine, but the middle bracket where the two screw holes are, only one hole would line up! :D

On the other side of the bracket (close to the frame) there is no place for it to be retained. These guards were for a 00/01 426.

Had to use a sheet metal screw!!!

Bastards!!!! :)


I have Devols on my 99' 400 and they fit like a glove. They bolt right on to the existing rad mounts. Where did you have to use a sheet metal screw? Are the 426 rads mounted differently than the 400's?

They fit my ’00 perfectly.

I don’t know what you mean by middle bracket, mine just have the guard in front and a brace in back of the radiator. The brace goes to the rear rad. mount on the inside and then bolts to the guard on the outside. You need to mount the brace to the guard first, then the guard to the frame. There should be enough adjustability to fit in almost any situation, mine has slotted holes.

Maybe they changed the design again, I know that their YZ 400 guards mount differently than those for my 426.

Thanks guys, I know what I did wrong!!


There were no illustrations!!! :)


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