Monty, April 21st @ Stoneyford?

Hello Monty,

how are you pal. Its been awhile. Sounds like you discovered yet another great loop at Stoneyford. I saw on your post that your thinking about a April 21 ride at Stoneyford. Is that a go? If its on I'll see you up there. I'll also call Roseville Mike and see if he can make it.



Sound good the 21st it is you guys want to meet at B&K again for eats?


21st may be bad for me. Tee ball game for the boy. 22nd (Sunday) would be much better.

Any takers


Monty and John, would you mind if I come ride with you. I have to work Sunday but would love to come up Saturday for the day. Let me know. Thanks, Paul


Is Eva going to be at Stonyford on the 21st? My wife might be able to come & even mentioned that she would like to ride with some other women.

What's the scoop on the SheetIron? I may be interested.


Brian e-mail me.


Mike, Sorry to hear you can't make the 21st. If Roseville Dan wants to go, give him my phone number and I can pick him up. I'll do my best not to get turned around so I can show you the new stuff.

Monty, Bill and Kathy's sounds great. Name your time and I'll be there.

Paul (pmaust), Please join us. We usually meet at Bill and Kathy's restaurant for brfast. Watch for time post. Email me at if you need directions or want to exchange cell#s. If you haven't riden with Mighty Monty at Stoneyford you're in for a treat.

Hey whats a "junior" member anyway. Actually, I kind of like the sound of it -- kinda makes me feel young again. Granite Bay

Mike can't do sunday if you can't make this sat,(21st) which sat would be good for you?I'll show john the new trails and he can take you up there later or pick a sat, when you can go.The 19th of may i will be riding a daul sport ride up there stonyford to fort brag (sheetIron) can you make that one let me know.


John,Marty,paul lets meet at B&K AT 7;00 AM SAT,21ST E-MAIL (WILMEXRS@CS.COM)


Sounds like fun. I'll try to get the elderly one to join us if he isn't too busy training for a marothon or something. :)

Sounds good, I'll watch the posts and check my calender to come up with a day. I sure need to get out and ride. Look forwad to seeing everybody


Paul e-mail me at work ( home (


Am I allowed to come if I don't bring the WR? Might have to ride the XR250 or my KX500 :)


Brian, what is the matter with your WR? If you bring the KX I want you in front of me so I don't get ran over! :)

Brian bring a bike this time not the dog.If you bring the KX500 will it go 80miles on a tank I know the XR will.


Rain at stonyford this will make for some good riding should get about 2 to 3 inchs trails should be dust free up high.Poss,showers sat, so bring enduro gear.


So where the heck were you guys? Took the XR250 - awesome bike. Went to Davis Flat/Fouts Spring looking for Monty's truck but couldn't find him. I then went back to Wolf Creek info center/staging area & unloaded the bike. I rode 28, 31 to Fouts spring looked for you again & then headed up the mtn. Rode 32, Letts Ridge, ended up riding the Mill Valley area trying to get over to Cedar Camp. Eventually got over to 15, 16, 17, 18 - rode in circles trying to get to 15 for a while. Finally got on 15 & rode to M5. Then rode 20 back to 40 & down into Fouts Springs - again. Took the pavement over the hill back to my truck. All in all - a great day.

Next trip is on my side of the Mtn. when are you guys coming over to Middle Creek?


[This message has been edited by Brian Meadows (edited 04-23-2001).]

Brian i tolled you we would stage at digger pines (little stonye) thats over the hill from davis flats,man you missed a good ride 62 miles we didn't make it to deer creek to much snow but we did do a good 62 miler.What do think about the 5th of may, at upper lake (c,c) camp, let me know, i'll bring my trailer and camp out there friday night.


I didn't remember.....what was I going to say?

We're booked until Memorial Day:

May 5/6 - MCMA Ranch

May 12/13 - Pipi w/DRN

May 19/20 - SheetIron or MCMA DS out of Ukiah

What about Memorial Day weekend? anybody, anybody?


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