Monty, April 21st @ Stoneyford?

You were going to say that you will bring your dog instead of the bike you know the one with wheels :D Find any ladies to ride with?? :D Brian lost in the Meadows

huge :)

I thought I saw a women to ride with but then when she took off the helmet she looked like you - no dice man. It's amazing how fast that little XR two-fiddy will go :)

Nope, left the dog at home. No after riding fun for huge....


Don't go gett'in all revved up... just because your dog likes me best.



Don't you be gettin' too excited around my dog - she likes everybody. Don't be feelin' special now :)


Huge you back jack cool lets do stonyford or gerogetown sicne Brian is booked.Are you going to ride the sheetiron?


May 5th huh??? Let me know when and where and I should be able to make it. Elkins????Still want to try that one.. Let me know, I will get some tag alongs. John?, Dan, Robert???


Sound good Mike, i was talking to Huge and he is up for a ride elkins don't sound bad or gerogetown,i'll check the snow and post back and see were you guys want to go.


Great ride at Stoneyford last weekend. Thanks once again Monty for leading the parade.

I'd love to join for May 5th but will have to stay tentative at this time. In D.C. next week so I'll have to see how my weekend is looking when I get back. I'll give you a call Mike if it is looking like I can do.


Monty, thanks for a great ride last saturday. Rode us into the ground. :) First time I have ever ridden in snow! May 5th sounds real good right now. Can't wait! Paul

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I talk to big dan today and the 5th sounds good at Elkins,Mike,Huge,John,Paul and anybody els can you make it? Big dan knows Elkins real good so he will show us some good loops.Let me know.


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