Where can I find WR/YZ 400F FAQ's

I just got my 99 YZ400F Thurs and would like to get up to speed on the info, Grey wire, De Octopusing, James Dean jeting, ZipTy, and other cool FAQ tech stuff. I'm on the WR side because I'm setting up my YZ as a trail rider. I tried the MOTOMAN393 Link off of the home page, Nice array of tech, but I feel as though I'm just scratching the surface. Where is the best place to find more on engine tuning mods. Coming from an XR, I'm gonna be looking to gain More Low end.

Central VA. Sea-Level, FMF, No Snorkel, Starts great, runs great, but slim power on the bottom, and still stalling it alot. Might drop 1 on the front and gain 2-3 on the back. Just until I get the feel.

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