A bit to loud for the streets....

Hi guys,

i bought myself a white brother pro meg exhuast system, it came with 12 disks and a spark arrestor installed. I'm very happy with it, but it's a BIT to loud for the people next door.... Is it possible to quiet it down some db ??

Anyone have a tip for me??


yea when you wash it stick on the stock pipe with the exhaust insert... pretty stealthy but i still pissed off my neighbors... other than that try white brothers quiet core insert :)

Put a few less discs in, maybe try 8? With all 12 it's VERY loud, might as well run an open pipe (actually may be louder). Another thing you could do....WB makes a version of the blank (solid) plate that has 2 large holes in it, with a plate that slides open and closed with the turn of a bolt in the middle. You could use that with only a couple discs (5 or 6?), and when you pull away from the neighbors just pull over and open up the endcap, and you have all the power you had before. :)

Thanks, i'll try to reduce the number of discs first of all. :D But i migtht just have to buy a quiet core insert to avoid any problems with the guy next door and the police. I guess it's better than stock anyway... :)

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