how to get the engine to start faster


On the other hand I guess this indicates that the ignition delay associated with the e-start and the blue/white wire was not just a Yamaha response to the problems with the '03 but are likely just inherent in Yamaha's engineering approach to this product. Still makes you wonder why no other manufacturer seems to feel the need for this approach.

On the up side....I can now safely make my bike start better (hopefully).

My wifes TTR125 starts instantaneusly so it's not a global approach to e-start, just the WR for now and maybe the quad? I don't associate with quad riders so I could not speak to the YFZ450 :thumbsup:

Well I went and dug this post up!

Did the blue / white wire mod -Removed the wire and it works great .

This mod will def show you if your pilot /fuelscrew setting is correct.

thanks to the ones that posted this info!

Without trying to revive the "debate" over the blue/white wire..I think its been resolved after much thoughtful input...I have the following questions...

1- I have an 04 WR450...I located the multipin connector with the blue/white wire which is next to the grey wire (see pix). I tried to pull the blue/white wire with a bit of force...but it will not budge. I'm nervous about pulling too hard and having the wire pull right out of the connector and leaving the connector stuck in the plug permanently. It clearly hasn't moved in seven years and with all the deep mud we ride in it obviously has been subjected to moisture.

QUESTION...How easily (or not) should this wire be to pull out?? I realize thats a difficult thing to quantify in words but I do not want to dig myself into a hole that will be a lot of additional grief.

2- My bike is an 04 and imported directly into Canada to meet Canadian requirements (whatever they were in 04) has a Transport Canada sticker next to the serial #. It also runs VERY well (lots of power)..easily keeping up with a KTM 400EXC and an 09 Huskvarna 450...both of which have been uncorked in every possible way. you can see from the pix below...they grey wire is connected and there are also no mods to the airbox. does it perform so well with the grey wire atached and lack of airbox mods etc. Is the grey wire a factor on an 04 Canadian bike or did this issue only apply to US bikes in 04.


Once again I do not want to complicate my life by messing with a grey wire that may not make any difference in performance.


1-Seperate the two plugs. Inside alongside the connector pin, there is a little tang, very carefully, gently depress it and pull the wire, it will slide out.

2-do the gray wire

If you also open up your airbox, your going to gain a noticable increase in power. Of course, your going to have to rejet to get the biggest gain possible though. Maniac

Some info from MY BIKE : I did the ais GYTR kit removed exhaust baffle and fitted the 50 PJ and a NFLR yz 450 needle middle clip and throttle stop with a 158 MJ. I ride 4000 to 5500 altitude and it goes up to 7500 density altitue in the hot summer months . My bike pulls hard from the bottom to top no bog or any problems. Starts great -- one kick or one blip with the starter now that the 50 pj is back in o jeh and thats with the hotstart pulled in.

Some intresting things I noticed . My bike has the airbox lid on and I have on one ocasion removed it . This caused a BOG on the throttle opening witch is not there with the lid on! So I kept it on simpler and plenty power for me. Next anomily - I removed the blue/white wire from the cdi and fitted the # 45 stock PJ and the fuel screw was set as the sticky.

Hard starting on the e start was the result and bike sneezed on start up with the e start. Procedure on e start : one full twist of throttle followed by hotstart lever and e button and she starts. No throttle squirt - no start on e button.

Kick was still reliable with a sneeze during startup.

Then I fitted the 50 PJ from the Gytr kit,left the fuelscrew at 1.5 turns out and it was back to busness ! Kickstart with no sneeze first kick with the hot start lever pulled and e starts on the button with no pre squirt from the throttle !!! This jetting in the carb confuses me!!! Well it works for me like it is now so I will leave it alone. With the 45 pj the bike seems to get verry hot during idling - better with the 50 pj , anyway this is my bike and it seems not one is the same out there.Thanks for all the info and input.

Thanks William1 for the help on pulling the blue/white wire. I will do it this weekend (riding all day tomorrow) and post the results...better e-start ot not.

I guess my inquiry with regard to the grey wire was unclear. I am very aware (thanks to Thumper Talk) about what the grey wire question is specific to the fact that my bike was made in 04 for export to Canada as opposed to the US.

I have been told by a WR owner up here that an 04 WR450 made for the Canadian market in that year did NOT come with a ignition map that was set up for it to meet US emissions standards, and therefore they grey wire mod is irrelevant for this specific machine.

As I mentioned earlier....having had many years of riding, including stints on my friends KTM 400, Husky 450 and a DRZ400 (all three of which were "uncorked" accordingly)...its hard for me to fathom how I would get significantly more power by doing the grey wire mod. I already am easily competative with these other bikes...they have also driven mine and agree.

If no one knows..then perhaps all I can really do is try it and see.

However, I am a little reluctant to just try it because I have many times proved to myself that the old adage of "if it ain't broke...don't fix it" has got a lot of validity.

Thanks again

Well...I done the grey wire mod on my '07 450 and there is no significant increase in power. It is different however, more 'peaky' with a sharper 'hit', if you know what I mean. On the 250, I done it with a switch in the circuit. (thanks William1) I like the softer feel on WR mode when its wet. :thumbsup:

just thought I'd resurrect this thread

have done hundreds but more like thousands of starts with this wire disconnected with no ill effect, and its still starting instantly rather than having those two dead cycles when you press the button

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