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I am thinking about getting a street bike, and I really don't know the first thing about them. Right now I'm leaning towards a R1 because I can get one for ~9700 out the door. Another one I'm considering is a suzuki sv 1000s. I think the suzuki would be more comfortable, kind of like the fz1. I am only considering bikes that are fuel injected and that leaves the fz1 out of the picture. I really want a bike that is not going to ever leave me wanting for more power. That is a must. :) What do you ride on the street? :D

hey man, have you ever ridden a 600??? I'm not getting a street bike for another year and a half..but i have ridden my friends R6...it is insane, he's had it up to like 158 mph on the street, and i know the thing can take off like a raped ape...if this is ur first stret bike i would not get an R1..i highly doubt you would feel underpowered on the 600 since you can out accelerate every car on the road..i would try to ride some of ur friends b4 u buy one. hope i could help. good luck


I've got what's in my signature. They are both getting older and neither is very practical. If I did it again I'd get something that was capable of railing the corners and taking a whole day or multiple day trip comfortably.

The SV would be a nice bike. The VFR800 is a fantastic bike but not as fast. The Hayabusa, ZX12 and CBR1100XX are all great, fast bikes. You haul when you want to and still take a long ride on them. These 3 would be my first choices at this point if I were to get a new bike. They are all big and would probably fit you well.

The R1, GSXR1000 and CBR954 are very focused bikes. I loved my CBR when I was in my 20's, now that I'm 36, it is a little less comfortable than I'd like. It still amazes me how fast this bike is eventhough it's 10 years old. Of these 3, I'd choose the GSXR1000 just because it's the $hit. If you are going to be uncomfortable anyway, why not have the baddest bike even if you pay a little more?

From your signature, for your size and weight, I'd stay away from the 600's. I'm only 5'7" and they fit me almost perfect. They are very fast but I think you'd feel cramped and would really need to be on it too hard all the time.

If you have never ridden before on the street, I'd really take it easy if you are looking at something this fast. Otherwise, buy a used smaller bike for now and move up when you get some miles under you. My roommate died on his CBR almost 8 years ago right infront of me and it changed my riding style and riding partners forever. :)

Good luck.

GSXR 1000 rules right now.

I ride an FZ1, its been said it has 140 hp at the rear wheel. I think that is maybe a little high but it does have a bunch!!

Unless you have a great deal of experience on the street you might be better off staying away from the more focused large bore sport bikes. They do require more of the rider, unless of course you don't care about your next ride. But this really applies to any street bike. The rider is always the limiting factor.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I just (like 10 minutes ago) got back with a new R1. I hope it has enough power. I got it because I really couldn't pass this deal up. $8595.00 out the door in nevada on 3.9% financing. I still have to pay tax and licencing in utah though, but that's ok!!!!! I'm gonna go kill myself tomorrow... errrr.... today I guess. Thanks for the replies! :D


"I hope it has enough power" :) I think you'll find it has. Watch the fresh tyres, they'll light up easy. Congrat's on the new ride. :D

Be careful man....real fast bike you got there. Love the new tail section. I considered trading in my 01 CBR929 for a silver one this year. Just couldn't bring myself to get rid of the ole Erion Racing Edition.....got TOO much money invested in her. Be faithful to your username and enjoy your new ride. Congrats. :)

Live did you go to Ely again?? I picked up my FZ1 and my WR450 at the same time there.

Live did you go to Ely again?? I picked up my FZ1 and my WR450 at the same time there.

Sure did!!!!! Karl is the most awesome dealer EVER!!!! I have never met anyone in the retail business that is as nice as that guy.

I took the new ride for her maiden voyage today just hours after getting back. I went riding with a group of crazy guys. "Insane clown posse" is a good description of these guys. :D At first I was short shifting and keeping the rpm below 7000 and I was getting really disappointed with the power output. :D Then I tried taking it up to about 11000. That was much better. All these people kept telling me that the R1 was too much for a beginner, with too much motor, so I was expecting it to just turn upside down if I twisted the throttle too far. NOT SO!! The R1 has really tame and friendly power if you keep it below 7000 rpm. Anyone thinking it would be too much has nothing to fear if you shift before the power hits. The odo went from 000000 to 000265 today as we wound through all kinds of canyons clear to Wyoming and back. Elevation went from 4500 feet to 9000 feet. The max speed I saw was 145 and we averaged 115 for the trip. :) I have never done anything even close to that idiotic in my entire life. :D It was kinda fun. :D This bike needs, I mean REALLY NEEDS a steering damper badly. Some of the sharper bumps caused some headshake while accelerating from 80 to 100. Overall I am happy with the power and I'm extremely glad I didn't get the R6. I would have been totally disappointed with power there. You all might think I'm insane, but I would describe the power output as "just enough" at this altitude. I like it!! :D :D

Sure did!!!!! Karl is the most awesome dealer EVER!!!! I have never met anyone in the retail business that is as nice as that guy.

Yep I got the same impression. He was straight forward and honest about things. He gave me some honest answers about a dealer I was having problems with here, and he met me at his shop before it opened so I could get on the road early to come back home.

Congrats on your bike, enjoy

Yep I got the same impression. he met me at his shop before it opened so I could get on the road early to come back home.

Congrats on your bike, enjoy

Thanks! I think.... err... um.... ok, I'll enjoy it if I have to. :D I would have probably gotten the fz1 if it was injected. Karl lost about 300 on my R1 and I felt sorry for him. I always like to see nice guys finish first, not last. He is so dang nice it costs him. :) He stayed until 11:00 pm (his time) when I got my wr 450 to make sure I was happy. This time I met him at the dealership at 10:00 and he stayed until 11:00 again taking care of the paperwork and loading the bike. I made it a really late long night last night. I tried to take a nap when I got back at 4:30, but for hell's sake there was a new r1 in my truck. I didn't get any sleep. I just got up again at 5:15, got some breakfast, went over to danny's house, woke him up and we went riding. That was my first ride on the road. Fun stuff! :D I can't wait to do it again next weekend. The insane clown posse meets every sunday at 9:00 am at a restaurant about a block from my house. Wow...

Glad you like the bike. I agree that the R6 would have been very disappointing for you. Most people that ride don't realize how much you lose at altitude.

I don't think you're insane at all. Sport bikes are incredibly fun and nothing compares to the acceleration these things produce. Cornering hard is just as fun and the better you get at it the more fun it becomes.

Have a good one and be safe.


I primarily ride my Vmax to work everyday just to nail it hard and it puts a grin on my face every morning. Not a bad way to start the day.

I'm still having a hard time believing that I actually have an R1! I'm so glad I didn't die yesterday. Now I realize just how out of it I was. The whole ride seems like a dream now and I can't even remember some of it. I didn't get any sleep that night and went tripple digit speeds through canyons I've never been through before. :D :D :) I don't do very well at all with no sleep. I couldn't even walk straight later that night. And tickets? Forget tickets. I should have had my licence TAKEN AWAY forever about 35 times. Maybe I won't go with those guys again. :D Ya right, that was fun. :D :D

:D :D :D :D Today went well! I got a full leather 2 piece suit, helmet w/ mirrored visor, gloves, and boots. All roadracing gear and DAMN I looked cool with all that on!!! cool.gif Holy [@#$%&*!] Batman!! Motocross gear looks cool too, but roadracing gear is just.... wow. I haven't felt like this since the day I got my yz 426 and this time it's a whole new world baby. biggrinyoyoA.gif I'm so excited, way more than when I had gotten no sleep yesterday. I would definitely have TON more fun if I got to do that ride over again w/ some sleep. jump.gif


All the bikes today are insane! I've always had in-lines and this is my first V-twin, two different beasts! I ride in to work everyday to L.A. on the 405fwy for over 20yrs!

check out FASTLANER.COM and check out BUS WORLD,it's me! :)

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