Baja Mex 300

Anybody out there have last years map of the Baja Mex 300? Trying to get an idea of where the course goes through.

Anyone out there planing on racing it? I think that irondude and I are probably going to race. Anyone else out there?

Sunny, I'll be there for sure.. I don't have the map from last year but I remember leaving Estero Beach heading in the south east direction for about 150 miles then straight west for about 50 miles and back up the coast for about another 100 miles.... It wasn't very fast but there was a big mix of terrain from sand to hard pack to rock sections.

pretty fun!!

i'm planning of being there, we run communication radios for multiple race teams. if you guys need anything down in ensenada let me know. we usually have everything for the XR's, tires, rims, spare parts, tubes, support, riding gear, etc...

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