YZ400F for offroad?

Please be honest here, does the YZ400F make a good off road/hare scramble race bike?

Is there any change from the 98 to 99?

How much low end does a YZ400F have? Is it like a 250 mx bike or like a 125? I have heard it has very little low end power.

Thanks guys!

i have a 99 yz400 and i think it's great for hare scrambles the power is perfect for the woods if you ask me it has just the right amount of low end in my opinion any more and traction would be a serious problem even at very low rpms twist for instant wheele but be care full about stalling at very low rpms when off the throtle a flywheel weight wood work wonders on that bike but i have not riden the wr maybe its better for the wooods you will want to have the sus. done for off road if you are planning on racing off road. its good for moto though. also you might want a bigger gas tank. i'm no expert this is just the opinion of an ocasional racer

Well, I have a 426, and the two aren’t exactly the same, but they obviously have more in common than two different 250s, for example.

The YZ400 may well be the ultimate off-road bike, and is certainly worlds better than most, if not all, 250 motocross bikes. The smoother power delivery makes for an easier off-road mount when compared to any 250 I’ve ridden. While it doesn’t have the snap off the bottom like my 426, you cannot compare it to any two-stroke under 300 cc. It has better low-end than an XR 400 and also revs to the moon. While the YZ 400 loves to rev it does make smooth power everywhere and only feels weak down low if you’ve just stepped off a 426 or KTM 520.

Yamaha did make some changes to cylinder and crank in ’99 but nothing you would notice from riding the bike. You should be able to race 60 miles on the stock tank, I’ve gotten 100 (I think) out of my IMS 3.2 gal. tank.

Out west the YZF is the most popular bike to have at off-road events, but due to the terrain and nature of the races (wide open and long) you’ll rarely see any XRs, KDXs, DRs etc., and only younger and women riders on bikes smaller than 250 cc. So it is either 250 MX bike, open bike, or YZF out here.

For stuff other than dez I’m less help. I’m sure the YZF/WR is very popular at your local events, but there are probably a host of smaller bikes as well. I would think the smooth, tractable power would work well in the trees but the extra weight would seem to hurt you more than me.

My two cents.

I have a 98 yzf and think it is a terrible tight woods bike. The weight and constant clutch abuse will wear you out compared to a 250. My 125 is more forgiving and less work in the tight stuff. Now, open up the terrain and the yzf shines.

I can't say too much as I am new YZ owner but I would have to say that the power delivery is great for woods and HS. I mostly race HS and say that this bike will be great for my racing around here in the Midwest. But I would recommend a Flywheel weight on the bike to ease the riding. I have noticed that I am able to use the clutch less on the 400(4-stroke) as on my 250(2-stroke). I find that I am less tired on the 400 then my 250 and I can ride for a longer time period harder also. I have replaced the sprockets and chain(larger sprockets and O-Ring Chain) and I am a little bit heavier than the most(220lbs) and the stock suspension works great for me. I have played with the fluid level and it made a big difference. I have placed the large Clarke tank on the bike and after market triple clamps and bars. I am getting a steering dampner soon. Then it will be done.

Just my $.02 worth.


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