No Lights 01 WR426

I have an 01 WR426 that has a Baja Designs kit with a floated ground. Today I went to start the bike up and it has lost off of its lights. I ran a continuity test on the two yellow wires coming off the stator before the rectifier and confirmed that neither wire has continuity to ground and that they do have full continuity to each other. Based on this it sounds like the lighting coil is fine. I also ran a continuity test on all the wires of the rectifier and each one has continuity with all the others, is this correct? Is there a way to test the rectifier? Can the rectifier and the battery be bypassed to test the coil for voltage? Any help is very much appreciated. I've been trying to sell by bike for over a month now and the day I get two calls about all the lights stop working.

I just went through this and needed a new stator. No one rework the dual sided stator. Next trick is ground one of the yellow wires from the new stator that is ungrounded and or unmodified. it will work fine; took me a few weeks to figure this out

How did you know that the stator was bad?

I bypassed the rectifier and pulled the frame ground and all of the lights work. I'm guessing this means that the rectifier is bad?

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