K&N vs. Uni

I currently run a Uni Filter, stock back fire screen and the PC Racing seal. I grease the filter edge and the PC seal. I keep getting dust into the air box. Is this just nature of the beast? I have always run K&N Filters on all my other XR's and have never seen dust beyond the filter. Is the K&N any better?


Dust in the airbox should be normal, but if you mean that you are getting it past the filter, then your air filter isn't sealing well, or you aren't using enough air filter oil. Most air filters trap a certain amount of dirt, and are better breathing due to more air that is let thru in all weather conditions. The oiled filter traps the dust and dirt that comes in with the air not allowing it to enter the carb. Check the pipe going into the carb, and see if it's dirty in there. If it's clean, then you are filtering propperly. The more "breathable" a filter is, the more air that will be let through, and the chance of dust/dirt entering the carb area, and eventually the engine. UNI and K&N's filter pretty dang good, as long as they are oiled enough, so using either one is better than stock. Now, what was the original question? Oh, yeah, dirt/dust in the airbox is O.K., just don't let it pass the filter. Clean the air box drain tube on each air filter cleaning. Water doesn't compress!

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