Suspension Linkage Bearing Replacement

I recently tore down the suspension linkage to check and lube the bearing and found they were more rust than lube. I cleaned them up as best I could and bolted it back together, while I waited on replacements. The local Yamaha dealer ordered a kit from Pivot Works and I put it in last evening. It went much better than I anticipated. The bearings came with plastic or styrofoam plugs to keep the needles/pins from falling out of the bearings and I was able to fabricate a tool to drive the old ones out, installing the new ones with the old washers, a 1/2 in socket and vise. There have been comments about how little grease there is in the stock bearings and the Pivot Works units use grease sparingly as well. My old XR650L had grease zerks that enable lubing without disassembly, and I have been giving some serious thought to installing some zerks in the hollow bolts that hold the linkage together. I'm wondering if anyone has done this. Some have suggested that disassembly and inspection of these bearings should be done on a regular basis, I'd rather not.

You can put zerks in the connecting rod and rocker. Don't go too deep or the zerk may sit too low (or too high if you don't go deep enough) and the grease gun head may not seat.

The linkage is a cast part (not forged, not billet) and would be seriously structurally compromised if drilled through, IMHO.

doesnt work - the seals pop out (or tear) from the grease pressure. Been done before.

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