Powdercoating a Steel Frame YZ

has anyone out there powdercoated their "steelie" frame yz? Is there a place in norcal anyone knows of who podercoats frames? any input regarding your experience would be cool. thanks

I know it has been done before. Be VERY careful and take your time taping up or otherwise plugging all the holes for the oil tank portion of the frame. There was a thread here years ago where a member (thumpsalad I believe was his user name) had his frame coated and some crud got into the oil tank and wiped out his entire motor.

thanks, that would b a shame, especially since the engine has been a rock.

You need to make sure to plug off the oil tank from the sand from sandblasting.Even after the frame is done you need to make sure to flush the tank out.I flushed mine out with kerosene about 3 times,oil,then kerosene,oil,kero,etc. I did that for about a whole day.In the end it worked out and had no engine problems.

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