help please! thumb throttle for WR450 push pull FCR carb?

I just purchased my WR450 and need to put a thumb throttle on it because I have a fused right wrist. In the past this has not been a problem because the carbs have been single cable. The 39mm Keihin FCR is a push pull two cable and I don't know what to do. Any suggestions? Any help is well appreciated because I can't ride until I can figure this one out!



just make sure there is no traces of dirt or anything under the throttle pulley cover thing because with one cable you run the risk of the cable getting stuck and you dont really want that to happen with WOT :D one of my riding buddies friend had a bad experience with that involving a cactus :):D :D

The new YFZ450 four wheeler has an FCR carb and a thumb throttle. I would bet it will fit.

Many people only run 1 cable.

The extra cable is a lawyer cable.

Burned and another guy who runs flat track never use the second cable.

I think a quad thumb throttle off of a Warrior would work.

I agree the spring is plenty heavy for a single cable set up. Just remove the return cable and plug the hole with a bolt. The thumb throttle should work just fine. If the spring ever breaks or seizes you can use the kill switch any way. :)

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