Any differacne between 06 250f and 450f forks other than spring rate?

The steering stems on the 250F are shorter, and I believe the fork itself is also shorter. 5-10mm worth.

Internal damping will be some different.

Any issue with slapping a set on a 05 YZ250? Outside of known issues - spacers & stem.

The '06 forks are centered 2mm farther apart than the '05. This is made up for at the axle lug, so if the '06 clamp is used, the wheel axle, brake, etc., from the '05 2500 will bolt right on. If you try to use the '05 clamps, you will need to re-center the wheel and fiddle with spacers some. Use the '06 clamps.

The offset of both clamps is the same, too. The biggest problem, small as it is, that you're apt to face is the possible need to swap the steering stem with the one from the 250. The stems press out of the bottom of the clamp fairly easily, and a 2 ton press can normally handle the job.


So I get the 06 clamp, press the 05 stem in and we are golden.

What would I expect from the shorter fork (5-10mm), just slide em down the clamp a bit more?

IF they actually are shorter, you could slide them down a bit to make it up, especially if you usually run your forks up from flush. If they need to go below flush, I would increase the rear sag to compensate, rather than run the forks down that far.

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