Anyone running a 15T countershaft? comments?

I was thinking about going up one tooth to a 15T on the front sprocket. Does anyone run this on their 650R? I'm using the stock rear 48. I'm hoping for a better cruising speed on the road.


p.s. I let a friend of mine ride my bike down the street this weekend. He has a "cruiser" (you know, one of those girlified Yamaha V-stars). He rode my 650R down the street, came back, then told me "Holy Sh**!!" that's too damn FAST!!! Hahaha well guess what too fast is damn near fast enough ya know. As that other guy in here says haha. :)

I'm running a 15 tooth with a 47 rear and the bike still has tons of power. Works good in the dirt and cruzes nice on the street.

I have a 13t to help in tight, steep, black diamond type trails.

I have a sepparate set of wheels with street rubber.On that rear I have a 45t and i run the stock 14t up front.It works well for the 2 lane twsities in my area and comuting in traffic.I have always heard that one tooth up front equals three in the back, so that should be the same as what you would end up with.I'm gonna try a 15t with the 45t rear just to see how fast I can go! On longer, straighter rides I find myself wanting lower rpm cruise gearing.

I went to a 13/48 first to enjoy more low speed riding in second gear. It was definitely fun but I couldn't go 80 mph without feeling like I was working the BRP too hard. Then I had the opportunity to pick up a 15T through a clearnace sale. I figured I wouldn't like the low end response at all but the top end would be great. What I found was that I really liked the extended range of first gear and the top end was extremely smooth. I find I can go 65 mph in 4th with no strain. When I shift to 5th (around 70 mph) with WTO I simply lay down on the handlebars and watch the speedometer rip up to 90 mph. What a rush. There is plenty topend left, but I usually back off once I get into the 90's.

I keep the 13T in my saddlebag ( with some tools) in case I get to an area where I might need it. So far I haven't felt the need to put it on.

...and to think others actually carry items in their tool bag that they really need, like spark plugs, and specialty tools, all the while, us thumpers carry items like a sandwich, and a few snacks for the lunch break. :)

Thats cuz we all chose to ride Honda XRs and dont need all that crap to get back home. LOL, BTW i just bought a 13 tooth and am happy with low end but it really runs out of top speed, much better in tight woods trails though and takes some of the large gaps out of the BRPs transmission.

Thanks alot guys for all the comments. Can't wait to try out the 15T front and see what it's like on the street!

L.L. :)

Think of your transmission as a six speed - with a 15 tooth countershaft you are missing first gear. With a 14 tooth you are missing sixth gear.


I run the 15-48 or 48 depending on area, but you will be in good shape with a 15. I really makes it more manageable and also quicker, which is what you are after. I bet the 650 could probably pull a 15-44 or maybe even a 42. That should give you more speed than you or anyone else could probably handle on any type of terrain. Let me know what you get it up to.

Cool man , I have the 15T ordered today, should be in by Wed. Can't wait to try it out! Right now I can get 102mph on the freeway if I tuck down low and stay into it. Not that I really want a higher top speed, but I am really looking for a "smoother" cruising speed of around 70mph.

That is, when I actually ride it on the street to get to my favorite off road areas around here. :)

Moredesert's XR with the 15/47 still out accelerates my EXC 520 and it's geared 14/51, those Hondas have some serious torque. :)

I can get 102mph on the freeway :)

You should be doing that on the dirt. Much more exciting. The XR's are in their element in the dirt not next to a Ford Escort that can berely make it to 65.

Smashinz2002, you may have to add a link in your chain to fit a 15 tooth. Thats why I went to a 47 rear also.

Having already done this I can say that a 15/48 does not require an extra link. If you put a TeraFlex tire on you will need to add a couple of links to keep the high knobbies from ripping the mudflap to shreds. Either that or fabricate some special brackets to secure the mud flap tightly up against the swingarm.

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