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Hi all, I'm new to this forum as well as to the YZ426, which I just purchased last Thursday. "what a beast". I just got off an XR400 and was looking for more power. I guess I found it. Anyway, I need to get some riding gear and woundered if anyone could tell me the best place to find a good price on all needed gear and aftermarket parts. I have a good helmet but need everything else before I get killed on this thing. Any help is appretiated.

Bob's Cycle Supply and Fay Myers both have gear on sale at times and they both have web sites with what happens to be on sale at the time. The only thing is, you have to be lucky with sizing. Not all sizes will be on sale.

I’ll second Boit on that one. Their web site ain’t the best but they often will have VERY low prices on all kinds of stuff, even if it ain’t on sale. I think they are asking like $53 for a D756 (that’s a tire :))! That is cheap.

I just saw some AXO boots there for $140. I don’t like them, but you have to admit that is cheap.

Bob’s Cycle

Also, people love to bash them, but IMO the best selection is still found at Chaparral. I know the &%$@ number by heart: 800-841-2960 They also have a website, but there ain’t much there.

MXSouth has a good site and selection, and is a good place to see pictures of different jerseys or graphics.

I really like Moose gear, you can’t buy from the site but you can look at the pictures :D

I have no opinion on these other sites, but they may be worth checking out.

Cycle Depot

GYT-RYamaha racing accessories.

Accessory Warehouse

NOHVCC – a good chest protector-mounted drinker is here.

Rocky Mountain

Parts Fiche for ’00 426

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I like to use my local businesses but sometimes stock is limited. If you have to order items from them they may give you a discount because they don't have to pay for the items and then let them sit on the sales floor and collect dust before they sell. The more you order at any one time could result in a larger discount too. They may even give you a sponsorship discount and as you buy more and/or your results improve the discount gets better. I started with a 10% discount from my local shop several years ago. As time progressed, my results improved, I kept buying bikes, parts and gear from them, I am now at cost + 10%. That is a smoking deal for somebody who is not a pro level racer/rider.

I like to wear Answer gear including Answer helmets. Thier products are well made and are durable. The prices are frequently a bit less than other companies.

Good luck and enjoy the shoulder dislocating power of your 426!!!


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